Saturday, February 9, 2013

Teaching lexically in 2013

Hello everyone. I´ve decided to follow @leoselivan´s advice on starting teaching lexically in 2013. I believe that the more we get deep into teaching with technology, web-based lexical resources will continue to pile up in our toolbox. I have come across some of these tools which I think may be of your interest if you want to embrace this lexical approach for teaching vocabulary and grammar.

  1. Compleat Lexical Tutor: This site provides a suite of tools for learners, researchers and teachers. In my opinion, one of the best options to create vocabulary activities based on a variety of corpuses.
  2. Flax: Interactive Language Learning:  Flax "aims to automate the production and delivery of practice exercises for overseas students who are learning English". 
  3. COCA: The Corpus of Contemporary American English allows you to create word lists, collocates, search phrases and N-grams.
Of course, there are many more out there. If you have a Diigo account I encourage you to search for "lexical tools" in the community search box. Or go to Leoxicon and surf through the collection he made available.

I have also found that Google´s Wild Card [ " * "] is very helpful for working with the lexical approach. The asterisk represents any 4 words. Lexical or grammar patterns can be "discovered" by using a combination of words + the * within the "" marks. For example, find what collocates with : "* success".

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