Friday, May 11, 2012

Week 5: at the top of the stairs

This week was very rewarding in terms of learning new teaching strategies using web tools. PBLs, WebQuests and Rubrics made my day as a teacher. What a wonderful combination of topics! At the beginning they seemed a bit unrelated but after reading the material from the University of Oregon, everything fell into its right place. They are very interrelated indeed, and actually, I think from now on rubrics will be on the top of my teaching toolbox. I have gained lots of insights about PBL and WebQuests, and I have managed to pile up and share a lot of interesting links through Diigo and Delicious. However, I believe I will feel more confident after I make one or both of them in practical terms. They require lots of planning and “high order thinking” too. Being “inquiry-based”, the teacher should know what kind of topics will raise students interests the best. Not everything goes for a Webquest; only real-world questions or controversies work well. Timing is also a factor to consider when creating these digital tools but once you have gotten one you are able to recycle it or make small adaptations for future classes.  I have not dipped my toes into PBLs but, by the readings, it is another super strategy for learning and teaching. I was thinking: What else could we learn after week 5? I feel like I have already completed a PhD.

Regarding my final project, I have decided to work on oral production for beginners. A technological tool that I plan to use is Voicethread and Acapela. I worked on my rubric this week for that purpose. I am still taking small steps to learn how to square everything in this project. But we have a map on hand and that´s helpful.


  1. do you meet problems as i met:

    (A) members of the group enthusiastic participation of the task produced, but only a few small component
    Member will take the initiative to assist each other and find another supplementary information.
    Some groups did not lead to progress in accordance with the division of labor of the assignment sheetBehind.

    (C) only a few students will provide helpful comments on the team, and communication co-In group discussions were rare.
    (2) information search problems: some students accustomed to using the keyword search without the use of teaching
    Three editors have difficulties:
    Computer equipment out of the situation:
    2 Cruncher's computer classroom is not easy to control, coupled with the allure of a great computer game.
    Caused the students sitting on both sides of the lack of attention, easily distracted.
    The computer classroom is not suitable for a place of learning as a WebQuest, students were unable to come together to discuss a wide space, did not fulfill its classroom management, but also easy to make on both sides of the classroom students can not stand the temptation of the game and can not concentrate on their studies.
    (B) active learning attitude is generally insufficient, only a few spontaneous
    To explore learning.
    Although the students can concentrate on their studies, but they are nothing less than active learning attitude. Long-term with the students in a passive learning environment, and have few opportunities to use the computer and home computer, network and have a relationship. Only a few students will take the initiative to enter the teaching pages and find other information, seek expert to solve do not understand but also through the knowledge network of Yahoo!. Visible, not the students' abilities, as long as the long-term to provide students a good learning environment, active learning and problem solving skills must be able to train.
    (C) learning outcomes by the lack of sufficient time, lack of teachers' scaffolding guidance, Of limited learning time, therefore, student learning outcomes is not as expected. In the wide
    The report chase chase chase "in the teacher's guidance, but this makes the students' thinking and creativity is limited,
    Copy, paste, only a few members of their finishing; posters presented only

  2. Hello Julio ,
    I also feel that this week is a changing point in my teaching career .I am also intrested in teaching speaking maybe we could share some experience about that.
    Good Luck

  3. Hi Julio,
    Me too, I am working on a speaking activity. I have not tried Voicethread yet.I will give it a try. I hope I can exchange rubrics with you and Batool as well. It is very motivationg to find other members deal with the same topic.



  4. Dear batool and samira,
    I am at your complete service. First, it would be a good idea to check our rubrics on Janine´s wiki. What are we thinking about? A WebQuest?, a PBL, or...?How about a WebQuest on speaking?

  5. Hi Julio,
    Thank you for sharing so many ideas and knowledge in your posts. I think we all feel a bit like you, taking steps towards our projects, advancing week after week. I'm also interested in oral skills for my project and I was also overwhelmed by the huge amount of new ideas wchich hopefully will allow us to improve our practice.

    Mari Carmen