Saturday, April 28, 2012

Planning the Final Project

This week I caught a glimpse of the final project by skimming through the PDFs from last courses. One of them caught my attention and it was from a participant in Nepal. I could see in advance the steps I need to take in order to write the final report. Last week (2) we discussed about the background of the students and their needs to perceive a possible problem. In this regard, I felt like having a map in hand.  The first step I took was the designing of a survey to gather primary information from my students. I decided to use an easy web tool for doing that online; I used Google Docs Form  I highly recommend it. There are other programs out there like SurveyMonkey to do the same but google gives you more options like seeing the answers in a graphical manner. Please, take a look at my survey here and I would appreciate it very much if you can comment from your perspective. Did I make the right questions? What should be added in the survey? What is your opinion?


  1. Hi Julio,
    I took a look at your blog.IT is nice of you to keep us informed of your plan.Thanks also for recommeding GOOGLE DOCS FORM and SurveyMonkey.I wanted to go through your servey but need your leave.

  2. Hello Julio, I sent to you a request for permission to view the survey, my user is

    Thank you!

  3. Hey Julio! How are you doing? I see you are thinking ahead! Great! I have the feeling week 3 has been very motivating and has provided us with powerful input for our own final projects.

    Keep in touch,

  4. Hello Ilham, Dianalira and Roxana. Thank you for stopping by and for your comments. I appologize that I forgot about the share setting. The survey is now open for anyone to see.I am glad you all liked it. I will be waiting for your feedbacks.

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  6. Hello, Julio!

    I am always happy to follow your tasks and comments. Your consideration to all the part of education is very deep and profound.
    You threw the several questions before starting your project. I feel that you are on the right track. I also pose the several questions to myself.
    The foremost important questions are all about students. First,who are my students? Second, What makes them work on English? What is English are for? Third, what kinds of technology amd I using for the final project? etc... Just jotting down a series of questions will show you like the compass on your map.